Visit to HiLASE and ELI Beamlines(Czech Republic)

Members of Consortium for Attosecond Laser Science and Technology (COAST) visited two laser facilities in the Czech Republic between February 13th and 16th, 2019. First, they payed a visit to HiLASE center, and Dr. Antonio Lucianetti (Research Program Leader) kindly introduced and showed them around the facility. We discussed the development of high power laser amplifiers and possible co-operation with HiLASE center in future.

Next, COAST members visited ELI Beamlines, and they were given tour by Dr. Ladislav Půst (Technology Delivery Manager). They discussed operations and administrative structure of the large size laser facility for external users.
The ELI project is a part of the European plan to build the next generation of large research facilities in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania with respective focus on attosecond, beamline and photonuclear applications.


ELI Beamlines

ELI Beamlines