Science and Technology

Facility Overview

  • ALFA will be a cutting-edge attosecond laser light user facility in Japan.
    It will consist of four attosecond beamlines, each corresponding to different types of user experiments.
  • The general-use beamline will be adaptable to various measuring methods for a wide range of scientific applications.
    The high repetition beamline will be for research requiring high repetition measurements.
    The high intensity beamline will be for low repetition measurements, using light pulses with high peak intensity, such as single shot measurements.
    Lastly, the next-generation, LINAC-combined beamline will generate attosecond pulses with higher peak intensity.
  • Advanced equipment such as a soft X-ray spectrometer, a soft X-ray microscope, a photoelectron spectroscopy device, an apparatus for photoion-photoelectron coincidence measurements, an apparatus for pulsed electron diffraction, and so on, will be installed in order to be used by a wide range of researchers.
    We also aim to establish cooperative relationships with various large-scale computer facilities, giving support to researchers for their theoretical calculations and simulations, and assisting in the analysis of large-volumes of experimental data.
  • Our hope is for this advanced light source facility to be used at the forefront of a variety of research fields, leading to new achievements within academia and continuing the advancement of scientific innovation.